We had a 6 week engagement!

by Dennis Rainey

When two people get married, they have high expectations about their relationship. An unspoken assumption by each one is that the other will “meet me halfway.”

When Barbara and I received premarital counseling from our friends and mentors Don and Sally Meredith, they warned us that we had been thoroughly indoctrinated in the world’s plan for marriage. They called it the 50/50 Plan, which says, “You do your part, and I’ll do mine.” This concept sounds logical, but couples who use it are destined for disappointment and failure.

We spent the first year and a half of our marriage in Boulder, Colorado, where the winters are cold and electric blankets are standard equipment for survival. I can recall how both of us enjoyed sliding into those toasty-warm sheets after the electric blanket had thawed them. However, we couldn’t always remember to turn off all the lights. We would snuggle in, and Barbara would say, “Sweetheart, did you remember to turn off all the lights?”

I would hop out of our comfy bed and run barefoot through the 55-degree apartment, turning off light after light. It didn’t happen that often, so I didn’t mind until one night when I dropped into bed totally exhausted. Just as I slipped into the third stage of anesthesia, Barbara gave me a poke and said, “Sweetheart, aren’t you going to turn off the lights?”

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